Infusion consists of Kerrie Leonard and Ben Hartwell who have been together for the last two years, as a duo and in a Band. In this time they have become very close and decided to become a couple.

*Talented singer(mezzo soprano/alto) with huge range
*Worked in numerous professional and amateur musicals across UK
*Specialising in pop,rock,theatre,soul and classical styles.
*Worked as backing singer for ex Blue member Anthony Costa
*Stars in their Eyes, ITV 2000, as Kim Wilde
*I’d Do Anything, BBC1 2008, Final 100 contestant

* Highly skilled electric/acoustic guitarist
* Strong lead and backing vocalist
* Lead guitarist in top Uk bands Uprising and Mizo
* Competent pianist
* Pro DJ specialising in minimal house, worked alongside DJ’s such as Judge Jules, venues including Cream, and Luminar’s Liquid


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