Joe Hodgkinson

Joe Hodgkinson

Joe is a twenty-three year old performer from Doncaster. After having performed in theatrical productions all of his life, he decided in 2010 to take to the stage with his solo show. Thanks to his talent for connecting with all kinds of audiences and adapting to almost any kind of performance venue he managed to travel the world with his show, taking him to Portugal, Spain, Turkey, Madeira and New York City.

A performer of instinct, Joe has a flair for portraying songs that everyone knows and love in a way that leaves the listener moved by the raw emotion in them. Although his roots are placed in musical theatre, he draws inspiration from many different performance and musical influences and is able to adapt to all kinds of styles and genres including rock, pop, chart pop, reggae, soul, Motown and much more…

Joe was featured as a backing dancer on the Brit awards 2008/2009 and made his somewhat most flamboyant screen appearance when he was a contestant on ‘stars in their eyes’ in 2006 when he emerged through the smoky door as Jake Sheirs of the Scissor Sisters. Joe also works as a professional actor working in theatre, film, TV and radio.

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